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Suzuki Soprano Recorder - Black with White Mouthpiece

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Quality sound and perfect pitch-a winning combination.

Each Suzuki Recorder starts life as the highest grade of unbreakable plastic resin. Then, it is vacuum formed in molds designed by computers to exacting specifications. The tone chambers of each instrument are then bored and polished. Next they are tested against 20 different standards to make sure they are perfect in every aspect of intonation and playability before being packaged for shipping. It's a lot of Works, but it's the only Way We know of to be the best.


Little fingers need special help in covering every hole completely. Our 3 piece recorders are tunable and have an adjustable bell for easy fingering placement. Low notes are extra easy to play. Our three piece soprano recorder plays perfectly in tune and acoustically designed for ease of playing in the upper and low registers.


Soprano Recorders SRE-80 English/baroque fingering and SRG-81 German fingering are Suzuki's Traditional Recorder Designed based on Original model made by craftsman in the Baroque period. Three piece construction, bored and polished for a smoother resonant response. Comes complete with a cleaning rod, fingering chart and fine cloth bag. Finished in ebony.