Susato Oriole Whistles and The "Four-Winds" Vertical Flute Set

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If you'd like to try moving outside the realm of Pennywhistles, you might want to consider the Oriole Vertical Flute Set. It includes everything listed below:
(all instruments in this set are key of C)

1 - 3-Holed Tabor-Pipe (or Txistu)
1 - 4-Holed Pentacorder
1 - 6-Holed Pennywhistle
1 - 8-Holed Recorder
1 - Four-position Wooden Stand (specially designed for this set)
1 - "Companions Five" Instructional Book
4 - Individual Pouches for each instrument


All four vertical flutes share one Oriole Head (one head is included with this set). Combined with the new Four Winds For All Seasons Display Stand and the Companions Five instruction book, this new Oriole set presents an excellent group of instruments for beginners young and old, all at a great introductory price.