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Sommer Cable Shrink-on Tube - 5x Numbers 0-9 Black

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These short...

pieces of shrink tubing are used for numbering and coding of multipair splices. The numbers from 0 – 9 can save you a lot of time and you will be able to immediately identify the assignments on your multipair. For 2-digit labelling you can simply slide two pieces of shrink tubing side by side. The shrinking rate is 3 : 1 with a fixing length of 20 mm.


Colour black
EAN 4049371007481
Brand Sommer cable
Type Shrink-on tube

50 Stck. (5 x 0 – 9)

Sommer cable Shrink-on tube, 50 Stck. (5 x 0 – 9)

Technical Data:
- Type: Shrink-on tube 
- Content: 50 Stck. (5 x 0 – 9)