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Sommer Cable SC-Quantum QMC02 Multi-Core Signal Cable - Price Per Metre

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Sommer Cable - - SC-QUANTUM HIGHFLEX QMC02 An all-rounder... because it could not be longer, faster or more flexible. The SC-QUANTUM HIGHFLEX is just the cable that all ?bending radius fetichists? like event technicians, musicians, and ambitious live sound people have been dreaming of! The SC-QUANTUM HIGHFLEX is absolutely torsion-free, i.e. it can be wound in the shape of an ?8? without any problems and will not twist when it is wound or unwound. Not only the S-PVC-jacket, resistant to a temperature of -30 ?C and notch?resistant, feels soft but the inside as well, and is also break-resistant due to the super fine 0.07 mm (!) individual copper litz and the PE-insulated wire insulation. The additional yellow/green protective lead/ground wire provides added stability and safety (PE = protective earth). The electrical and mechanical data also is remarkable: each wire pair is additionally insulated with a sleeve, numbered, and shielded with a copper spiral covered to 99 %.