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Sommer Cable DMX Binary 434 DMX512 Black - Price Per Metre

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One step forward, one step back...

and round and round, that's not so hard. When data has to be passed back and forth, then a digital cable with a check-back channel should be used. The surge impedance for this cable is also set at 110 Ohm. Two of the 4 wires are responsible for the check-back function. The robust outer jacket is suitable for outdoor and permanent installation. Color coding according to DIN 47100. Due to the double shielding (AL/PT-foil + copper braiding) and wire coding it conforms with the generally applicable guidelines (VDE 0812/VDE 0207). The PE-version is halogen-free and resistant to saltwater, which makes it suitable for in-ground installation. The flexible longitudinal water-tight PUR-blend-version is suitable for outdoor application.



  • Digital transmission over long distances due to the DMX and AES/EBU standards
  • Excellent protection against electric interference (Cu mesh screen + AL/PT foil)
  • Extremely robust due to the special tough jacket


  • Networking of scanners and lighting systems with check-back function
  • Connection of digital control units and devices of all kinds
Name Binary 434 DMX512
Properties OFC oxygen free copper
Properties Analog
Properties Digital 110 Ω AES / EBU
Application area Installation
Application area Studio / Broadcast
Application area Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application area ELA 100 V
Application area Stage / live
Application DMX
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Signal transmission symmetrical
Construction [2(2LI2YS0,34mm²)(ST)]CY
Jacket material PVC
Jacket Ø [mm] 7,00
Number of Channels (AES/EBU, DMX) 1
Inner conductor (AES/EBU, DMX) 4
Inner conductor (AES/EBU, DMX) [mm²] 0,34
Inner conductor Ø (AES/EBU, DMX) [mm] 0,66
Shielding Copper-cross mesh, tined + AL / PT foil
Copper strands (AES/EBU, DMX) 7
Copper strand Ø (AES/EBU, DMX) [mm] 0,25
Conductor insulation material PE
Conductor insulation Ø [mm] 1,70
Weight per 1 m [g] 65
UV-resistant yes
Fire load per m [kWh] 0,22
Style variant round
Shielding factor [%] 100
Packing 100 m spool
Temperature min. [°C] -25
Temperature max. [°C] 70
Width [mm] 7
Height [mm] 7
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m (AES/EBU, DMX) [pF] 58
Capacity wire/wire at 1 ft. (AES/EBU, DMX) [pF] 17,6784
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m (AES/EBU, DMX) [pF] 100
Capacity wire/electic screen at 1 ft. (AES/EBU, DMX) [pF] 30,48
Impedance [Ω] 110
Insulation resist. per 1 km [GΩ] 5
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [GΩ] 1,524
Insulation resist. per 1 km (AES/EBU, DMX) [GΩ] 5
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (AES/EBU, DMX) [GΩ] 1,524
Conductor resistance per 1 km [Ω] 53
Conductor resistance per 1000 ft. [Ω] 16,1544
Shield. resistance per 1 km [Ω] 15
Shield. resistance per 1000 ft. [Ω] 4,572
EAN 4049371002387