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Quest QM1000P Complete Sub/Satellite Amplifier System

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QM Series Complete Sub/Satellite Amplifier System

QM1000P [2x350W @ 4Ω]



A multi-way processed amplifier rack in 2 rack spaces? All this and more.

The QM1000P is a dedicated stereo satellite/mono sub bass amplifier system that allows a variety of loudspeaker and sub bass configurations for either permanent or mobile sound installations.

Adjustable cross-over and input limiter makes possible optimum matching of a variety of Quest sub bass and full range speakers powered by the three internal amplifiers.

  • The QM1000P signal path comprises L and R inputs, and three outputs, L, R and summed L&R sub bass out
  • One QM1000a can drive 2 or 4 full range or crossed over HF loudspeakers and 2 x 8 ohm bass speakers in a mono bass configuration
  • Power is 2 x 350W RMS @ 4 ohms and 660W sub bass @ 4 ohms with HF x –over controls on the rear panel
  • Input level L&R and sub volume level, sub high pass and an overall input limiter are set from the front panel
  • Each internal amplifier is governed by clipping protection in addition to the adjustable input limiting facility
  • All inputs are male/female XLR and Speakon outputs wired to pin 1Pos & Neg



  Test condition Satellite amplifier SUB Woofer amplifier
Power Output * 2 x 210W 1 x 610W
2 x 350W 1 x 940W
Frequency response +0/-0 .3dB, @1W/8Ω 20----20KHz 20---300
Distortion Rated power -10db <=0 .05% <=0 .05%
Intermodulation Distortion 60Hz&7KHz/4:1 <=0 .05% <=0 .05%
Damping factor 200Hz at  8Ω >=300 >=300
Sensitivity Rated power 8Ω 0 .775V 0 .775V
Input Impedance Balance/unbalance 20K/10K  
S/N ratio A Weight >106dB  
Cross talk A Weight >60dB  
Slew rate   >25V/uS >25V/uS
Sensitivity   0 .775V 0 .775V
Satellite LOWCUT   Off,80,125Hz  
SUB HICUT     80----200HZ
Protection Short circuit protection DC protection Over current protection
Dimensions (H x W x D) 89mm x 483mm x 420mm
Weight (Net) 17.8kg