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Quest MXS10 10" Compact Concealable Subwoofer

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Compact, Concealable Subwoofer

Extended range bass, and easy to conceal. The MXS10 coupled with MX or MXC loudspeakers provides a complete, full-range audio solution. One which architects and venue designers have long been waiting for.

The MXS10 is a suitable low/mid sound pressure level subwoofer for use in permanent installation environments. It is ideal as a bass extension to a distributed background music system, or as a multi-unit system in a bar or music venue.

The ‘punchy’, yet smooth performance of the MXS10 is delivered via the custom 10” 50mm Voice Coil - Dual Magnet Woofer. A decision early on in the design phase was made to build a custom driver to suit the application specific requirements of the MXS10…the result speaks for itself.


A Closer Look

This unique band-pass subwoofer is specifically tuned for music playback in small to medium size venues. However, despite its small size, the MXS10 delivers high output and efficiency. The tuning and performance will match or exceed many physically larger systems.

An outward facing driver is located under the cabinet to acoustically pressure load the unit onto a floor/wall, or ceiling installation surface; creating an ‘acoustic chamber’ effect. This extends the workable frequency range of the subwoofer, and gives a flatter and more natural response.

Integrating discrete full range sound is a challenge for architects and venue designers. Everything about the design and functionality of the MXS10 marries high performance, clean audio reproduction with varying architectural designs. Whether a new venue, or an existing one, the MXS10 is easily integrated and perfectly at home.


Easy to Hide

When installed with the optional MPS10 installation bracket, the MXS10 can be installed on walls, ceilings, or anywhere a venue designer wishes for concealed placement.

The omni-directional coverage of the MXS10 allows the it to be placed on a ceiling, or under furniture for complete area coverage; while remaining discrete or invisible.

The physical dimensions and aspect ratios of the MXS10 were chosen specifically to allow it to virtually disappear into a venue. Floor mounted under furniture, in a false ceiling space, or vertically mounted to a wall are just some examples of how the MXS10 can vanish into a venue.


Power Me Up

Quest offers many suitable amplifier solutions for the MXS10. Whether it be a Q1K, QM1000P Sub-Satellite, or a QA1004/2004 amplifier. The capability of 300Wrms and a suitable Low Pass Filter, are the only two requirements an MXS10 needs to operate at full potential.



Max SPL *calculated   118dBSPL
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m - 60Hz 96dB
Frequency Response -9dB 44Hz – 90Hz
Power Handling 300W RMS
Driver 10" 50mm Voice Coil Dual Spider, Dual Magnet Woofer.
Connectivity Captive Screw Terminal Plug (In/Thru)
Dimensions *L x W x H 500 x 470 x 256mm
Net Weight 15.1 kg
Shipping Weight 17.3 kg
* Quest Engineering reserves the right to make changes in specifications, or products without prior notice.
** The figures shown above are ‘real world’, usable specifications and are conservative as a result. Quest Engineering does not believe in portraying misleading or exaggerated specifications.