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Penn Elcom M8423 ABS Laminate - Blue

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ABS Sheet - Blue
Length: 2.426m / 95.5" 
Width: 1.206m / 47.5" 
Thickness: 1mm / 0.04" 
Colour may vary due to manufacturing process 
Material: ABS
Part No. Finish Description Weight
M8421 Black 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8422 Red 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8423 Blue 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8424 Grey 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8426 White 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8427 Yellow 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8428 Light Grey 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8429 Purple 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8430 Green 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8431 Silver 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8435 Orange 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8436 Pink 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8443 Dark Blue 2.7kg/5.95lb
M8446 Neon Green 2.7kg/5.95lb