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Optogate BP-09 Table/Foot Automatic Mic Gate

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Optogate PB-09 The Optogate PB-09 is our new automatic microphone gate unit, implemented in a table stand. The PB-09 contains a mic on button what can be used as "push to talk" or "mic latch" switch. These different functions are user programmable with 3 dip switches. The PB-09 contains also a galvanically separated trigger input for the mic control. The switching noise is not measureable. A red status LED indicates if the microphone is switched on. The PB-09 works with 48V phantom power and can be used in connection with dynamic mics and condenser mics. The phantom power passes the microphone. The 1,2 kg heavy body of the PB-09 is iron made and equipped with 3 anti noise rubber feet on the bottom in order for a safety silent fixed position. The PB-09 is the best all in one solution for conference applications. Physical dimensions: 125mm length x 31mm height x 90mm width Connectors: XLR 3-pin (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus) Case construction: Iron, black powdercoatedl Distance: Adjustable between 15 - 120 cm (depending of the type of reflection surface) Angle: + / - 10 degrees Trigger Input Voltage: 2.6-30V Switching noise: Immeasurable Frequency response: 0 Hz - 30kHz, - 3 dB in connection with 150 Ohm microphone impedance Signal noise ratio: -114 dB / -120 dB, Mic on / off with 150 Ohm Mic. Distortion: < 0,05 % with 100mV signal Delaytime Mic on: < 0 ,2 Seconds Delaytime Mic off: About 1 second (Other times on request) Attenuation "mic on": -1 dB Attenuation "mic off": 42 dB in connection with 150 Ohm microphone impedance Usuable mic. types: All type of dynamic - and phantom powered mics. up to 10 mA current consumption Maximum input level: 3 dB (1.1V) Operating temperature: 0 - 55 degrees Celsius Background light range: 0 - 20000 Lux daylight and 0 - 12000 Lux electric bulblight Distance measurement: Active infrared reflection principle with 3 bit code Power: 24-48 V Phantompower (passes phantompower to the microphone) Current consumption: Ca. 3.7 mA