Nux Drum and Loop Pedal

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Choose from 11 built-in drums rhythms, and record up to 6 minutes in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality.

Muti-function Footswitch :

Press once to Record/Play/Overdub Loop.

Press and hold to Undo/Redo the last layer.

Double press to Stop, press and hold to Clear Loop.

Without loop and hold for 1.5 sec to play drum only. When the drum is playing, hold for 1.5 seconds to stop the drum OR just press once to record loop.

While drum is playing without loop, use SMART TAP TEMPO to control the speed.

*Smart Tap Tempo: Press more than twice, if the time distance is less than 1.5 sec (40BPM), JTC interprets as Tap Tempo.

*While playing loop, you could press DRUM (play/pause) button to add drum machine, the drum will follow the loop speed automatically. (JTC already detected the loop speed.) Features

*Smallest 24 bits loop pedal with drum machine.

*11 Drum patterns in different music styles and Metronome.

*Up to 6 minutes recording, unlimited overdubs.

*Smart Tap Tempo drum machine.

*Drum and Loop volumes can be adjusted separately.

*Hold the footswitch to use only drum function and control the speed with the footswitch.

*True-bypass and analog dry-through.


Brand:- Nux

Model:- NDL2

Type:- True Bypass

Knobs:- Luminous glow knobs – Level, Drum, Select

Casing:- Aluminum Die-Cast

Power:- 9v DC Center Negative (Cannot be used with batteries)