Hohner - Marine Band 125th Anniversary Model - C

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Original text by Matthias HOHNER about the success of the Marine Band 1896

"With great pleasure, I have watched the success which has attended the sale of my "Marine Band" and "UptoDate" harmonicas and proved once more that the trade and the general public are quick to recognize a genuine improvement.

At the same time, I should like to say a few words about these curved cover harmonicas. History repeats itself and it is an old tale that a successful article calls forth the usual imitators, who like to make picking out of another man's inventive faculties. The aim of such gentry is usually to keep just outside the limits of the law but taught by previous experience I have protected this form of harmonica by letters patent in such manner that I am able to prosecute whoever makes or sells an imitation.

The HOHNER harmonica has never failed you. We see that each instrument is up to the standard of the millions which have preceded it and each one receives as much care and attention during its manufacture as if it were the only one being turned out at the factory. For tuning alone it must pass several skilled workmen. Such care and attention can only be given in a large factory and where the workmen are supervised by heads of departments having wide experience.

The curved cover harmonica has been patented by M. HOHNER in the U.S., No. 588, 920 as well as in Europe and actions are being brought against all who are unfairly trading on my invention.

You can rely on HOHNER harmonicas. THey never have disappointed you in the past and never will in the future." - M. Hohner, Matth. Hohner