Hamilton - Phone Holder & Tube Clamp - Black

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The System X Series Smart Phone Holder with Tube Clamp keeps that all-important conduit to society with life's essential apps right where it's most useful -- on stage or in the studio.

The unique and simple scissor-action clamp is strong enough to hold the smartphone securely through earthquake-shaking sets. The high friction yet gentle clamp posts will accommodate a wide variety of smartphones -- even in their protective cases -- while giving clear access to touch screens, buttons and ports. 

The Smartphone Holder is packaged with a discreet tube clamp that will securely attach to any 5/8" to 1" diameter stand tube (think cymbal, music or mic stand). To complete the package there's a 6" gooseneck to position the older ergonomically - in just the right spot for viewing, texting, editing, recording or jamming. 

For the social AND fashion-conscious, these Smartphone Holders come in 3 eye-popping colours - black, red and green.