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Feadog - Original Irish Pro "D" Whistle - Nickel

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Whether you’re an intermediate or experienced Irish whistle player, if you’re looking for an authentic Irish whistle that will help you sound your best, then you will want this Feadog Nickel Pro Whistle in the Key of "D."

This whistle is made of nickel, and it is designed with a body that is thicker than regular beginner-level whistles so that it feels weightier in the hands and delivers a better quality sound. The whistle’s black powder-coated finish also helps it yield a more wholesome, solid tone.

Irish whistles have a history that goes back ages. Originally made of tin, Irish whistles were also called penny whistles because they would only cost a penny each in stores, which made them popular children’s gifts.

Proudly made in Ireland and designed to play in the Key of D, this sleek, black whistle comes with a fingering chart and international instruction sheet featuring musical selections to play.