Fast Track - Bass Book 2

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FastTrack method books give you a fast way to learn how to play that new instrument (or the one that's been sitting in the closet for a few years). Sceptical because other method books haven't worked for you? That's exactly why we wrote these.

They're designed for the player who wants to learn on their own terms with the help of some user-friendly instruction, professional audio and video examples, and cool music to play along the way.

Don't worry: we're not going to just show you a few tricks to play one or two songs. you're going to get everything you need to start playing (this is a Hal Leonard book, after all!) but then in a couple of weeks, you'll become the player you've always wanted to be, ready to move into the songbooks filled with songs by the Beatles, Clapton, Hendrix and more.

And just in case that's not enough to convince you, the last section of all FastTrack books (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and Drums) include the same songs so that you and your buddies can form a band and jam together. So, yes, its time to reignite those rock star dreams!