Duratex - Roller Grade - White

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Speaker Cabinet Coating – DuraTex® Roller Grade: White

DuraTex® is America’s #1 Speaker Cabinet Coating designed to provide beauty and protection to wood speaker cabinets and road cases. It’s a superior performance Texture Coating that’s easy to apply, beautiful and tough.

DuraTex®  has tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. It rolls on easily with our special texture roller to create a tough, beautiful, weather resistant and easily maintained texture surface.

DuraTex® is a blend of highly technical polymers, and special LOW V.O.C coalescents for creating beautiful high relief, durable textures. DuraTex® requires no special primers because it’s self priming.

Want to test drive this product before purchasing a gallon or more?  Acry-Tech now offers a Trial Size bag (1 Pint) of White roller grade and a 3″ roller for $29.00 (including shipping in the USA). Check out our DuraTex™ Trial Size Kit that will give you enough DuraTex® to coat a couple 12″ speaker cabs.

We’re also now offering White DuraTex® in a Quart Size as well that comes with a 3″ roller for $40.50 (including shipping in the USA). This size is perfect for projects that require more than the Pint Size Kit but less than one gallon.