ABRSM - The AB Guide to Music Theory - Part 2 by Eric Taylor

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The AB Guide to Music Theory is intended to help people learning music to understand how music is written down, what the various signs nd symbols denote, and what is ment by the common technical words used by musicians. Arising out of this, it provides an introduction to the basic elements in harmony and musical structure. In the main, Part I deals with the subjects of the ABRSM Theory syllabus for Grades 1-5, and Part II with those which occur in the higher grades. The information has not been broken up to correspond with individual grades, but a grade by grade presentation is adopted in a companion series of workbooks, Music Theory in Practice.

Professor Eric Taylor, M.A. D.Mus.(Oxon), Hon RAM, has wide experience as a teacher in schools, music colleges and universities, and as an ABRSM examiner. His publications include First Steps in Music Theory, Grades 1-5 and Music Theory in Practice, Grade 1, which has sold over a million copies worldwide.