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AUDIOropa Frontrow Juno Soundfield system

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frontrow is a wireless digital infrared speech transmission system, specially designed for the use in classrooms. The even distribution of sound volume and the clarity of the transmitted voices of the teacher and students as well as the sound of other media guarantee comprehension and intelligibility – right up into the last row of seats.

frontrow: Soundfield system with infrared transmission – a contribution to inclusion that motivates teachers and pupils in the classroom alike
frontrow offers both: providing sound for the classroom by loudspeakers, and it supports hearing impaired students through personal hearing components - for example underchin receivers or the inductive transmission into hearing aids. For students with normal hearing abilities, there is no more inattention in the last row and those of impaired hearing are no longer left out. The atmosphere within the classroom is more relaxed and attentive, as teachers, who have experienced the system, are happy to confirm.

The infrared transmission simplifies the use, as it is restricted to the single room: No switching of different channels is necessary when teachers or students step into a different classroom - they are instantly connected.

The team teaching enabled system offers interfaces for all up to date electronic teaching equipment (FM-system, TV, DVD, CD, interactive Whiteboard etc.) and PC interfaces by which digital recordings of the transmission are possible.

frontrow – significant specifications:
Powerful Adapto® digital platform
optimal sound quality / automatic suppression of feedback
12-Band equalizer
Team teaching operation with up to two teacher microphones (transmitter with cord) and up to four student microphones
Centralized volume adjustment for each individual microphone
Priority settings: Lowering the student microphone level while the teacher is speaking.
Individual settings for optimizing speech comprehension (OptiVoice)
Operation of the core functions via voice control, e. g. switching the recordings on and off
Full surround sound over two midrange tweeter systems and a bass speaker
Choice of IR transmission power: maximum range or long runtime
Class2Class function: Connection of two systems, for example via Skype™
Individual name assignment for microphones and audio inputs
Programming/channel assignment for microphones (7 channels)
Sound recording in parallel to the presentations on interactive whiteboards

Student microphone
Transmission method: Infrared
Transmission frequency: 2,1MHz / 2,3MHz / 2,4 MHz / 2,8 MHz / 3,3 MHz /3.6 MHz programmable
Frequency range: 70 Hz - 8 kHz
Microphone: unidirectional
Battery runtime: 7 hours typical
Battery type: Li-Ion, 3,7 V 850mAh rechargeable
Transmission range: 12,2 metres line-in-sight (typical
Dimensions (WxHxD): 3,8 x 14,7 x 2,2 cm
Weight: 70.8g

RCA sockets for external sensors
Stereo-RCA-Audio-IN-sockets (stereo sound-out)
3,5-mm-stereo-Audio-IN (Stereo-sound-out)
serial port for microphone charging connector or programming
serial communication interface