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AUDIOropa Chin Strap 2 Channel Infrared Receiver

AUDIOropa Chin Strap 2 Channel Infrared Receiver

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The ergonomically designed RCI-102 chin rest receiver, which weighs just 52 grams, is equipped with rotatably mounted ear molds. Thus, their positions to the auditory canal remain even when the wearer changes his posture. The flexible material of the ear mold gently nestles into the ear canal. This effectively dampens ambient noise.

Stereo or selective mono reception, for example in multilingual transmissions.

The RCI-102 has a switch for selecting the frequency channels. In stereo listening, both channels are always active. If an operator uses the two frequency bands 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz for the parallel transmission of two different languages, the listener can select the channel of his preferred language and receive it in mono mode.

mass 52 g with battery
Color and material ABS plastic, black and red
Battery, operating time A100 NIMH battery, about 5 hours
modulation method FM, mono or stereo
Sound frequency transmission range 15-20,000 Hz
operating frequencies 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz, selectable: stereo reception or selective frequencies, mono reception
THD <1%
SNR typ. 60 dB
regulator Thumb control knob for volume, balance is adjusted with a screwdriver.
Maximum volume about 120 dB
main switch built into the receiver bracket

Silicone earpieces
Replacement Battery
5-fold charging station
12-fold charging station
5-fold plastic tray