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AKG C544 L High-performance sports head-worn condenser microphone

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SpeechHead-worn microphoneSports/Aerobics- Ergonomically optimized behind-the-neck headband – Moisture shield – External shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejectionThe AKG C544L is a head-worn miniature condenser microphone with a convenient behind-the-neck headband. The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern and therefore “prefers” sounds arriving from the front (from the user’s mouth). The microphone body containing the condenser transducer is shock mounted on the microphone arm in order to suppress cable and mechanical noise. The microphone arm will place the microphone in front of the corner of your mouth to minimize pop noise and protect the microphone from contamination. The supplied windscreen makes the microphone even less susceptible to wind and pop noise. A special moisture shield on the microphone capsule makes it difficult for moisture and makeup to penetrate into the microphone. This barrier prevents the microphone sound entries from being clogged by sweat or makeup which would make the sound dull and reduce the sensitivity of the microphone. Therefore, never remove the moisture shield from the microphone. The AKG C544L is a condenser microphone and therefore needs a power supply. Included Accessories:- W444 Windscreen- Moisture Shield