Allen and Heath SLink Audio Networking Card

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SQ SLink provides engineers with the option to add an additional intelligent SLink port to any SQ console. With the same functionality as the built in SLink port, the card allows connection to a further 128 inputs and 128 outputs of digital audio and opens the SQ to a range of new system possibilities.

The option card runs independently from the built in SLink port, allowing two different Allen & Heath protocols to be used in one system, at the same time. With two SLink ports it’s now possible to combine an SQ with any ME personal monitoring system, DX (96kHz) or dSnake (48kHz) expander.

Any SQ console fitted with an SLink card can also now be directly connected to another Qu, SQ or dLive system, further extending the system’s expansion and potential for digital FOH / monitor splits, broadcast feeds and more


128 inputs and 128 outputs of audio and preamp control
96kHz or 48kHz operation
gigaACE (96kHz), DX (96kHz) or dSnake (48kHz) connectivity
Intelligent switching between modes
Independent SRC for use of two different protocols in one system
Plug’n’play installation*

*Note: The SLink card requires SQ firmware V1.3 or later.