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Huge shipment of Yamaha Pianos just arrived!

  • Yamaha U30BL Upright Piano

    Yamaha U30BL Upright Piano

    This is a beauty! It is tall and black and handsome. It is a stunning big piano made for a discerning player.

  • YAMAHA U3G Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U3G Upright Piano

    Strong reliable consistent warm tone beautiful action top quality materials & workmanship...

  • YAMAHA U1A Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U1A Upright Piano

    A perennial favourite amoung discerning pianists this piano offers outstanding musical performance

  • YAMAHA U3M Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U3M Upright Piano

    This much sought after classic is the largest Yamaha upright model made & has the tone & touch that's the envy of some Grand Pianos.

  • YAMAHA U1H Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U1H Upright Piano

    The Yamaha "U1" series of upright piano are the most sold acoustic pianos in the world.

  • YAMAHA YUS Upright Piano

    YAMAHA YUS Upright Piano

    Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician.

  • YAMAHA Disklavier Player Piano

    YAMAHA Disklavier Player Piano

    Yamaha automatic Piano. We have one in black and one in walnut. REDUCED ! The walnut one is an MX303.

    $8,500.00 $8,500.00
  • YAMAHA U30A Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U30A Upright Piano

  • YAMAHA UX1 Upright Piano

    YAMAHA UX1 Upright Piano

    Found in orchestra pits where quality of tone is required.