TYCOON Deluxe Buffalo Skin Bongos

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6” & 7” shells constructed of hand-selected, aged Siam Oak wood
Black powder coated Classic Pro hoops and large 1/4” diameter tuning lugs
Natural matte finish
High quality Water Buffalo skin heads
Perfect for beginner bongo players
Tuning wrench included

Set the standard for high quality bongos. Each bongo is carefully constructed and tested to meet the needs of the most discriminating professional percussionist.

This is a Tycoon bongo with a natural finish constructed with carefully selected aged Siam oak wood. Top quality buffalo skin heads. Black powder hardware 6" x 7". Eco-friendly - certified 100% plantation farmed Siam Oak grown and then finely crafted by hand in Thailand.

Tycoon Percussion "8" Series bongos have slightly smaller heads than traditional bongo sizes perfect for students and aspiring musicians. We guarantee you'll love 'em.

Hand-crafted from sustainably harvested wood these drums combine an authentic tone & feel with eco-friendly design. The way of the future Tycoon leads the way!

Perhaps you haven't heard of the name 'Tycoon' however the Tycoon line of Timbales goes head-to-head with brands such as 'Meinl' 'Latin Percussion' and 'Toca'. Tycoon percussion has been making top quality percussion instruments for over 20 years and only recently have started to make a presence in the U.S market.

Tycoon are committed to using only certified plantation-farmed Siam Oak in the production of their instruments. Renewed every 5-7 years this carefully managed resource is easier on the environment than wood taken from old-grown forests. Finely crafted by hand in Thailand these drums are a responsible choice for the future. Thank you for joining Tycoon in making the world a better place.