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Shure SM31FH TQG Fitness Headset Mic for Wireless Shure SM31FH TQG Fitness Headset Mic for Wireless SM31

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Shure SM31FH TQG Fitness Headset Mic for Wireless SystemsThe new SM31 FH adds hydrophobic materials to the industry-standard, road-tested Shure SM family in a rugged and durable cardioid condenser microphone. TA4F 4-pin connectors make it a viable replacement for any existing Shure wireless headset system, and is also available with BLX wireless system bundles. The moisture-repelling cartridge housing protects the microphone and ensures a long lifetime of use, all but eliminating the need to frequently replace typical headsets.Features- Wearable wireframe headset with secure, comfortable fit made for fitness and aerobics instructors- Integrated moisture-repelling hydrophobic fabric protects the microphone element from harmful corrosion for use in humid environments- Flexible gooseneck provides discrete adjustment options to optimize placement for greatest isolation- Lightweight and low-profile form factors stave off fatigue during high-impact use- Compatible with Shure wireless bodypack systems for direct replacement of TA4F-connected microphones- Available with a wide range of Shure wireless systems, renowned for ease of use and reliable performance- Included windscreen tames plosive, breath and wind noises for clean and intelligible sound- Tailored frequency response refined for crisp and clear vocal reproduction- Legendary Shure precision engineering for durability and performance