K&M Rack Wagon

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Heavy-duty steel construction. Four casters, two lockable. Angle adjustable to 45° with spring-loaded locking mechanism. 12 space units in top section, 9 in lower section. Cage nuts incl. (32 pcs.). Rack shelves, drawers, blank and ventilation panels are available.


Adjustment: T-bar locking screw
EAN: 4016842400058
Height: 910 mm
Height (units): 12 spaces in top section, 9 spaces in lower section
Material: steel
Max. load capacity: 50 kg
Special features: four casters, two of them locking; Cage nuts M5 and locking screws M5 x 16 (32 pieces) are included; angle adjustable to 45°; heavy-duty construction
Type: black
Weight: 12.88 kg