Hal Leonard - Mandolin Chord Book

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This is the most useful chord book yet devises for the mandolin player. Because the chords are arranged in keys, you can locate those most often used in any key without having to flip through the whole book. For instance: C, F, G and Am are often used in the key of C. These chords and others related to them are all grouped together for easy reference. All other keys are treated in the same way. This convenient grouping enables you to find the most used chords in a key with just the turn of a page. With its slim shape, the Mandolin Case CHord BOok slips easily into your instrument case - always handy for easy and speedy reference.

James Major is an experienced mandolin player and teacher. In 1974 he opened Acoustic Music, the Salt Lake Folk Music Center. He is also a founding member of the Salt Lake Mandolin Ensemble.