Gary Clark Jr.'s Signature Wah Pedal

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If you're a fan of Gary Clark Jr., you're familiar with his masterful wah usage. The Dunlop GCJ95 Gary Clark Jr. Crybaby Wah was created with the blues in mind and has a tight tone and great looks that you can't get enough of. The Gary Clark Jr. signature Wah Pedal has a modified circuit that gives it a lower frequency range. You'll also notice the tighter sweep that helps you create percussive syncopation when the time comes. This custom-voiced wah has an unobtrusive but profound effect, adding even more soul and expression to your playing.


Custom-voiced wah pedal for Gary Clark Jr.

Dunlop and Gary Clark Jr. worked together to create a wah pedal with a unique character. The result is a wah that has a certain gravity and weight to its sound. The voicing is tuned to a lower frequency range to add warmth and smoothness. A tighter sweep keeps the sound together and adds the percussive element that Gary Clark Jr. is known for. Take it from the guitar experts at Sweetwater — this is the perfect wah for blues and rock alike.


Gorgeous brushed copper finish

For his signature wah, Gary Clark Jr. personally chose a brushed copper finish. The copper looks just as good as the wah sounds underfoot. The best thing about the brushed copper finish is that it'll relic itself as it patinas over time. After playing sweaty shows, your Gary Clark Jr. Crybaby Wah will look better and better as time passes.


  • Low frequency center provides smooth and warm sound
  • Tight sweep range is perfect for percussive, syncopated rhythms
  • Brushed copper finish will patina over time
  • Designed in collaboration with Gary Clark Jr.
  • Perfect for blues players and rock players alike
  • Smooth action will quickly make it your favorite