Fender Squier - Classic Vibe 50s Precision Bass Guitar

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This modern take on a vintage design will surely attract your eye with the soft polyester finish. As said this is not an accurate replica of a vintage guitar but the feel remains the same with the advantage of a modern overhaul.

As always the single passive tone control is limited in ability, and the position of the volume control still plays a part in the overall sound. But the bass end is warm and fruity and the top end provides attack rather than becoming glassy.

An outstanding Vintage-style P-Bass at an incredibly affordable price! As soon as you pick up Squier's Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s four-string bass, you'll feel right at home. This pine-bodied bass gives you '50s-style features, including one single-coil pickup, a vintage-style bridge, and vintage tuners. You'll get old-school tones from the Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s, but its modern neck shape means you'll be able to play all kinds of styles on it. Best of all, you can pick up this Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s for a fraction of what you'd pay for a '50s original.


  • '50s-style P Bass looks and tone
  • Maple C-shape neck offers a stout feel without being cumbersome
  • Real bone nut enhances tone and tuning stability
  • Fender-designed single-coil Precision Bass pickup delivers powerful lows and punchy mids
  • Volume and Tone controls for fine-tuning your sound