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Applications Console input extending for both Digital and Analog mixing consoles in Studio, Live and Broadcast Mic Pre-amps for DAW/ Hard Disk/ Multitrack Recording Innovation If you love your compact Digital (or Analog) mixing console, but wish it had more microphone inputs, ARX has the solution ? the 8 Pre: eight channels of superb sounding Microphone Pre-amps in a compact 1 RU chassis. The 8 Pre is the ideal console extender for those times when you need more microphone inputs. Now you can put those unused line inputs to good use, and who knows - the 8 Pre pre-amps sound so good that you?ll probably end up using them all the time instead of the ones that came with your mixer! Superb Audio Quality The 8 Pre?s ultra low noise figures come from extensive use of premium components plus care and attention to board design and layout. The result is superb, transparent audio quality and the headroom to handle anything that a mic can throw at it. Gain is adjustable from 20 db through to 60 dB via a trim control on the front panel, plus we?ve included a ?20dB Pad switch to tame the hottest condenser mic output if required. The Clip status LED lights up 1 dB before the onset of clipping, just to warn you you?re getting close. Phantom power is switchable in banks of four channels: 1 through 4, 5 through 8. A Phase reverse switch is also provided on each pre-amp channel to eliminate any close miking problems. In short, the ARX 8 Pre is the mic Pre-amp that you?ll wish the console manufacturer had used. It provides a unique solution to today?s multiple Mic Pre-amp requirements. ARX Quality Every day, ARX Audio interface products solve audio problems for thousands of people around the world. We don?t make digital or analog mixers and we don?t have to cut any corners on quality. Yes, we know we?re obsessive about audio quality, but we?re betting that you are, too!