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DENIS WICK Mute soprano cornet / d trumpet

DENIS WICK Mute soprano cornet / d trumpet

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Made from high purity spun aluminium, 'scotchbrite' finished and bright silver anodised. Offer brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world's finest professionals. Excellent intonation.

The DW5521 piccolo trumpet mute fits the Bb and A bells, and the DW5520 D-trumpet mute fits the G bell very nicely. I am highly pleased with both mutes!
I hope my information will be helpful, in case you ever receive questions from other individuals regarding the proper mute for a G-trumpet. Of course, there's a possibility that the D-trumpet mute may not fit all makes and models of G-trumpets, but it certainly fits the Kanstul 1520, if not others. (By the way, my G-bell is a 4.5-inch bell (about 11-12cm) - I don't know if that is a common size for a G-bell or not.)
Thanks for your helpful information and your excellent craftsmanship!

Russell Thompson