Belcat Phaser - PHS-505

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The stylish looking Belcat PHS-505 Phaser Pedal is of robust yet light-weight construction. The effect is incredibly easy to use, controlled by two simple dials - Rate and Depth; the result is a wide-ranging phasing tone with True Bypass functionality that will hold pride of place on any gigging musicians pedal board.


  • Input Connector:           1/4’’ TS
  • Input Impedance:          1MΩ (1 megaohms)
  • Output Connector:        1/4’’ TS
  • Output Impedance:       1KΩ less (1 Kohms)
  • Power Connector:          2.5mm DC Jack
  • Rate Control:                 100ms ~ 6.35s
  • Power Supply:               9V (6F22) Battery or DC 9V ADAPTER
  • Power Consumption:     8.2mA
  • Connectors:                   Input Jack, Output Jack, DC input
  • Controls:                        Rate, Depth
  • Bypass:                          True bypass
  • Dimension:                     L 110mm X W 62mm X H 50mm (4.33" X 2.44" X 1.97')
  • Weight:                           225g
  • Color:                             White