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Ave - 6 Channel Ultra-Slim Mixer - Multi-FX processor

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The Strike FX6 is a compact professional PA mixer designed to suit a variety of applications and settings while delivering high-quality sound. The mixer features (6) 'pre-amped' microphone channels each with an optional mono line-in, 3-band parametric EQ with +/-15dB attenuation, channel fader, FX/AUX send, and an integrated FX DSP with 16 preset programs including delays, and echo FX allowing you to create a warmer vocal sound for your presentation or performance. Also included is a useful USB player that allows you to playback media for backing tracks or background music, the USB player has its own dedicated channel fader for accurate volume control, as well as a 2-band EQ for tone control.

All these features make this mixer the must-have unit for any small group or band, venues, and professional karaoke setups.