AULOS C-21 Fife

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This fife has been manufactured for easy playing making it the ideal practice instrument for a beginner flautist. Made from ABS resin which renders this instrument very light but tough.;ABOUT THE BRAND. The trade mark "AULOS" is taken from Greek mythology meaning 'wind instrument with a double reed'. SInce its inception in 1955 Aulos have been continually developing techniques to maintain & improve perfromance & quality.;AULOS recorders are currently used in schools in over 50 countries worldwide. In addition to recorders high precision instruments such as a traditional flute or "Shinobue" Flauto Traverso & Fife's have been successfully manufactured from AULOS' specially made resin. They are highly valued as excellent instruments. The slightest shape variation in manufacture affects timbre so precision moulding has a tolerance in micron units (1/1000 millimeter). Expereinced and skillful engineers are engaged in producing superb & uniform instruments in the AULOS factory in Japan. AULOS pride themselves in continually striving to produce only the best "thus contributing to a standard of excellence in musical instrument making throughout the world". (AULOS Brand Strategy).

SERIES: Pipit. REGISTER: c'' - f''''. 
LENGTH: 33.7cm. 
DESIGN: 2 piece. 
ACCESSORIES: Fingering chart & cloth bag.