Ashdown Studio 12 110W super light combo with 1x12

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100-watt, 1-channel, Solid-state, 1x12" Bass Combo Amplifier with Passive/Active Switch, Headphone Output, 5-band EQ, FX Loop, DI Output, and Footswitchable Overdrive - Black


Designed to be portable without sacrificing tone, the Ashdown Studio 12 is a force to be reckoned with. This 100-watt amp pumps out more volume than you can imagine without breaking your back on the way to the show. The Studio 12 is loaded with a specially designed Ashdown NEO speaker and comes with great features such as built-in valve-emulated overdrive, 5-band EQ, and a switchable active/passive input to accommodate all pickup configurations. The balanced DI output lets you easily plug into a PA system. 

Flexible tonal options

The Studio 12's speaker is front-ported to better project mids. It has an intuitive control panel that lets you experiment with an almost unlimited array of sounds. You can dial in your tone using the same 5-band EQ found in the Ashdown Rootmaster and OriginAL ranges. And if you like to push your amp a little harder, the Ashdown Studio 12 has a built-in valve-emulated overdrive that you can control with a footswitch.

Lightweight construction saves your back

The Studio 12 is made from a super lightweight poplar-ply to help keep the weight low. Even the Studio NEO speaker was specifically designed by Ashdown to reduce weight. At just 22.7 pounds, the Studio 12 is incredibly light for the large speaker it carries.

Classic look, Ashdown sound

When you take this amp out of the box, you'll love the clean, vintage looking face. Heavy-duty black tolex and chrome corner protectors will help you protect your amp from scratches and bumps for years. Setting the EQ's at noon, this amp will pump out the warm and articulate Ashdown sound you love.


Ashdown Studio 12 Combo Bass Amplifier Features:

  • 1 x 12" custom Ashdown speaker
  • 110 watts
  • Active/passive input to accommodate all bass pickups
  • 5-band EQ: bass, lo-mid, middle, hi-mid, treble
  • Pre-shape tone push button
  • Footswitchable Valve-emulated overdrive
  • 1/4" line in
  • 1/4" headphone output