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4 Channel DJ Mixer Sound Effects - USB MP3 Product Code: 172.979

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STM-2250 4-Channel Mixer Sound Effects USB MP3

This 4-channel compact mini-mixer is a simple but top quality mixer. The product combines technical features with an appealing design. The features are MP3 player, 8 real speed sound effects, Cue function, crossfader etc. There is also the possibility to connect two line-level audio sources and a turntable.



  • Integrated MP3 player with USB/SD card connector
  • 8 Digital sound effects + speed and volume control for effects
  • Cue function for each channel and a crossfader
  • Separated tone control for each channel
  • In/Output terminals with RCA jacks
  • Headphone and microphone connectors with 6.3mm jacks
  • Ideal for mobile DJs