YAMAHA PIANO U3A Any & every YAMAHA U3 has been made in Japan at the Hamamatsu factory which is responsible for making all of Yamaha's highest quality pianos...
The U3 along with the UX were models that put Yamaha on the map around the world, where the standard was generally of European stock. Yamaha changed this with its U3 series. Standing 131cm tall, it is Yamahas tallest upright & has become the most popular professional upright instrument in the world. Come in to our showroom to see for yourself the value in our U3 range of Yamaha upright's. ABOUT THIS PIANO. An identical twin to the U3M, and just like the U3M, an excellent piano in every sense of the word. If you are wondering what the difference is between the U1 and the U3 series, the U3 series is just slightly bigger. The extra height results in longer strings (more sound) and a larger soundboard (producing a more resonant tone). Action, build and component quality is the same. BODY CONDITION: A-. KEY CONDITION: A. PIN CONDITION: A+. ACTION: A. SOUNDBOARD: A. SPECIFICATIONS: An expansive soundboard & acoustic chamber give the 131cm U3 extended power & projection, with the peerless tonal & expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. Like all of the U series uprights, they have long been a leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians & discriminating home pianists. FEATURES: Full length ribs into a notched liner. Yamaha reinforces the crown in its soundboards by using ribs that continue to the edge of the soundboard, & are glued into the notched liner (or inner rim on a grand piano). Reinforcing the crown ensures that the tone quality will remain for years & years & improves tuning stability. Solid Spruce soundboard & ribs. At the Yamaha lumber mill & wood processing facility, the finest spruce is quarter sawn of which less than 10% is selected for Yamaha piano soundboards. Solid spruce, rather than laminated spruce or poplar, is the choice in all fine pianos for the best amplification of sound, best tone & sustain. Acoustibars. Solid copper wound bass strings. Hard Maple bridges. Aluminium alloy action rails. Yamaha balanced action. Each key is individually tested & measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform "down weight" pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly & uniformly. Spruce keys with hardwood buttons. Spruce is very light & possesses a very high ratio of strength to weight. Grand piano key travel. Yamaha designs all upright and grand pianos to have the same key travel. Regardless of size, type or model the keyboards will always feel the same. Cut thread tuning pins. Mute pedal of the T121-U1-U3. Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners. Polyester finish. Resin sheet foundation. Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) Plate. Yamaha uses this process in casting the iron frame (plate). V-Pro plates are stronger & visually more appealing. Seasoned for destination. H: 52" (132cm), W: 60" (152cm), D:26" (66cm). Weight: 517 lbs (235 kg's).
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