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  • YAMAHA YUS Upright (2)Piano

    YAMAHA YUS Upright (2)Piano

    The Yamaha YUS is a professional piano for performance recording studios, schools and top venues. This piano is fully seasoned to ensure the tuning stability finish and overall musical integrity hold for the long life expected of this fine piano. 

    This excellent piano series features full length ribs into a notched liner, solid spruce soundboard and ribs, acoustibars, solid copper wound bass strings, hard maple bridges, aluminium alloy action rails, Yamaha balanced action Spruce keys with hardwood buttons, grand piano key travel, cut thread tuning pins, mute pedal, Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners, vacuum shield mold process (V-Pro) plate, newly designed dual casters seasoned for destination.

    Interesting facts about this piano: V-Pro cast iron plates are used in the YUS. V-Pro uses a vacuum process which makes the cast iron plate stronger and more visually appealing.

    For the best amplification sound of the soundboard, the Yamaha Lumber Mill selects only 10% of the best solid Spruce for their pianos. Solid Spruce ribs are used across the full length of the soundboard for extra support and durability to ensure the sound quality remains for the whole life of the piano.

    Yamaha has patented an Aluminium Alloy that is used to support the action of the piano. This allows for a more consistent precise touch of the keys since wood rails will fluctuate with weather and temperature changes. This alloy allows the action to stay consistent in it's setting.

    One of Yamaha's most attractive qualities is the uniformity found within their pianos. Many other brands produce various sounds and feel different even within the same model of piano. This makes purchasing a piano sight unseen risky. 

    As retailers in the piano business for 20 years we stand by what we sell and this guarantee of quality assurance from Yamaha benefits and brings peace of mind to both ourselves as retailers and you as valued customers. We understand a piano purchase is for many families the third largest and most significant purchase after the purchase of a home and car hence we understand the natural feelings of trepidation and offer a full information & support service together with financing options and free delivery and tuning upon delivery for those faced with choosing their very own home piano!

    The piano selection experience does not need to be a scary one! Let us help you with our long-standing industry knowledge take the confusion or stress out of the situation and make it a happy experience for you and your family. After all, we are a family owned and operated store who have been making families happy in helping them make sound musical decisions, for many, many years.

    YUS Dimensions: H 48" (120cm) x W 58"(146cm) x D 24"(61.5cm). Weight 502lbs (228kgs).
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