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  • YAMAHA U30A Upright Piano

    YAMAHA U30A Upright Piano

    The Yamaha U30A is very much the same piano as the lovely Yamaha U3. 

    It has the same overall dimensions and was built in the same factory to the same high standards. 

    This piano has a consistently strong and vibrant tone with plenty of power. 
    It isn’t excessively bright and it isn’t overly mellow. The instrument has a nice mid-toned sound to it. 
    However, these qualities aren’t only restricted to the U30A. 
    The ever popular Yamaha U3 has these same qualities too. 
    Both come from the same factory in Japan, they have the same general dimensions and, crucially, they both start with a “U” in the model number. 

    The letter “U” is the most important part of the model number as it means that it is from the same top level family of pianos as the U1, U3, UX, U30BL etc. 
    The “U” series of pianos are Yamaha’s top of the range pianos made in their premier factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. 

    All of our U1, U3, U30A, U30BL etc pianos are made in this same factory. 

    It is this factory which produces the stunning Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano which retails at over $200 000 NZ. 
    So it’s safe to say that the “U” series pianos are made to an exemplary standard.

    All of these models are top quality pianos that will, without doubt, stand you in great stead to sit your Grade 8 exams and continue well beyond this - as far your ambition will take you.

    H: 52" (131cm) W: 60" (151cm) D:26" (66cm).
    Weight: 517 lbs (235 kg's).

    MATCHING ACCESSORIES: Match this with one of our lovely polished ebony stools to complete the package.

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