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  • YAMAHA Disklavier Player Piano

    YAMAHA Disklavier Player Piano


    The Walnut is an MX303. This is an amazing price. Reduced from $9995 to $8500!

    The Black looks stunning and is an MX100MR. $8500.

    The Disklavier is a piano that plays by itself. It records the exact keystroke of the player and reproduces it precisely. 
    This is a fun instrument for playback from prerecorded disks or make your own music or use it to keep track of students. 
    Improvements in playing will be well noted. 
    Also these Disklavier's can be used as an accompaniment for players of other instruments. 

    Yamaha Piano Manufacturer since 1880. 

    This is an innovation that is synonymous with a company known for innovation. 
    Disklavier piano's fetched around $36000 when new!

    These piano's come with some pre-recorded disks and an external power supply to meet New Zealand standards and conditions.
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