Christmas Gifts

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    Nylon strings are easier on the fingers, making it a great starters guitar.

    It is particularly important not to discourage beginners with an instrument that is difficult to play incorrectly set up or fraught with intonation/fretting issues. 

    Such will never sound "right" frustrating the player & leaving them wondering what they are doing wrong. 

    The VALENCIA range of guitars enable everyone to own their own instrument - one which will set them up brilliantly to go on to achieve great things. 

    The rest is dependant upon practice! 

    Available in several lovely colours subject to availability. 

    12 month warranty (except the strings). 

    Good beginners guitars these days do not need to cost an arm & a leg IF you know what you are buying. 

    Come into the store & try for yourself! 

    We are happy to guide you in terms of type of guitar, price & colour options to find the right instrument for you. 

    We repair & restring guitars & are happy to offer general advice. 

    We stock a huge array of supporting resources in the form of methodology books with CD's for all ages instructional DVD's exam music & PVG (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) or Guitar TAB print music. 

    Our print music resources cater for musical tastes & genres (see the "print music" section of our website). 

    Please feel free to ring or inquire in store about any of our products or services.

    Package includes:
    - Guitar
    - Gig Bag
    - Book with CD & DVD
    - Picks
    - Service with a smile :)

    We are happy to send this fabulous Xmas gift package anywhere in the country on your behalf - just let us know the details.

    Ph: 0800 600 007
    Mon-Fri: 10am - 5.30pm
    Sat: 10am - 3pm

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